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She’s got a big heart!

I’m a bit in love with the white and pink combos (as seen here too), so it’s no wonder this lovely lady caught my attention. I was roaming the corridors of Fashion Island mall in Las Vegas the other day when I spotted her. Initially it was the color combo that stopped me, and having quickly recovered from the excellent first impression I proceeded to admire her shirt. As you know, there are currently too many variants of the machine-washed, ruffled or wrinkled look. I have to say that her absolutely immaculate wrinkle-free and pressed shirt work absolutely wonders with the slightly wrinkled pink micro shorts. So sisters; note to self: if wearing one wrinkled piece, choose a pressed look for the other parts of your outfit. 🙂

A reader once wrote me and asked why I take pics in Las Vegas. Well, I like take pics in various places, but guess why I love doing it in LV?  Because it is one of the few places in the world where a lady is always allowed to and appreciated for looking her absolute best. It’s the place where you can, and should, wear all those pretty dresses and shoes you bought for “that” occasion. The fact that it’s hot, hammered with fancy casinos (well some are), nice restaurants, night clubs and marble-floored malls is just begging for you to dress up if you want. Alternatively, if you are on vacation or just want to be low-key, that’s equally fine. Nobody will take offence or expect you to be anything other than you are or feel comfortable being. So at least for a photographer it’s a great place; you’ll capture very cute ensembles, and/or very content and happy-looking people. And judging by the looks of most people over there, it’s a great place to enjoy and blow off some steam! 🙂

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