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Missoni meets Converse (and makes me $250 poorer…)

Aaaargh!!! So here I am saving up for something and minding my own business when I bump into these. Two of my fashion favourites4ever, Missoni and Converse have teamed up for a special edition, and apparently they want to have a $250 threesome with my credit card.  Ok, I say to myself, Stay Calm Sister and Carry On. But then again, how many of the shoes I have today I know I’ll wear when I’m 60?  None. But these.. a completely different story. I don’t care what granny look I’ll be sporting, but the Missoni4Converse’s will be a part of that, together with a feisty attitude 🙂

So for all of you Missoni or Converse lovers out there, now is a good moment to hit the stores or the web. They’ve been having the collaboration ongoing for some time already, but I didn’t particularly like the earlier color combo they had.  Either of (or both for those able to splurge) the variants out there right now will be a great addition to any wardrobe. 🙂

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