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Heaven must be missing an angel, ’cause there’s one standing in front of me right now…

…must be one of the cheesiest pickup lines out there, but it was literally what I thought spotting her.

I was walking up Via Condotti one day enjoying the sun and the bustle when I caught a glimpse of a nice white’n’pink combo inside one of the stores. I quickly popped in asking if she would be ok with a photo.   It was kind of dark in the store so I couldn’t check her out closely, but when we entered the street and the sunlight I was speechless. Her presence, confidence, looks and outfit. It’s like she would be a fairy from another world 🙂

The white lace mini skirt is absolutely fabulous with the pale pink top. Also note how well white fabric bag works with the outfit. It takes nothing away, and doesn’t add any noise. Also note the absolutely correct fit of her clothes. Too often people ruin their outfits with the wrong sizes.  Both top and the skirt are snug enough as they should be for an outfit like this, but not too tight to look over-the-top (think Jersey Shore).

Being into photography I of course enjoy shooting a model with good cheek, chin and bone definition, but even more so a model who can contribute by knowing how to work her body positions. So for those interested, here are a couple of small tips:

1) if the photographer stands directly in front of you (12 o’clock), turn your body to your 1pm or 1.30pm for a more slender body profile.

2) Make a very slight S curve of your body to highlight your hourglass figure (as she is doing in the picture to the right)

3) If you are holding a bag or any other bulky item, throw it over your shoulder, or give it to a friend or the photographer to hold. The picture will be much better without it 🙂

And finally; always, always(!) smile, at least with your eyes.  In fact, a good picture won’t always need  a big white smile, but will greatly benefit from a hint of amusement on your face.

For proof that she really exists, and that this photo is taken in a real live situation, check here.  This pic always makes me gasp at the difference… 🙂

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