Dear Readers,

Welcome to SmilingStyle.com – a website for ladies who’ll never stop being chix.  To me a chick is fun, quirky, cute, curious, sometimes sexy and always friendly. That’s what I would want SmilingStyle.com to be, and this is my attempt to create a webspace where everyone will feel good.

For long I was looking for a website or blog that would be of interest to me. More often I found myself wishing for a site covering the beautiful and pleasant things in life, illustrated by good quality pictures, and without the self-centrism of some of the personal blogs out there. Most importantly, though, I wanted to find a site that is an extension of the people using it.

That’s why this is a site for you, about you, dear readers. The more I thought about it, the clearer it became. It is the small, everyday interactions with other fun people that make us feeling so good.  You know the positive sensations a curious, friendly and undemanding smile from someone gives you, or when you realize how good something looks on somebody, or how happy doing something makes someone.

I wanted to capture these situations on camera, and post them here for your enjoyment. For doing so I approached people asking for permission to photograph them. Oftentimes this led to an excited discussion between two strangers who quickly found common ground. I enjoy these discussions immensely, and I have made so many friends and gained access to a wealth of information from many corners of the world.  I will continue doing this, and will share the experiences with you as good as I can.

While this is not a street style photo blog, you will see a lot of pictures of ordinary people who I stopped in the streets. Something about their smile, style or their positive aura caught my eye. However, I wish for SmilingStyle.com to be more. That’s why I’ll keep posting about anything I think us chix may appreciate, be it situations, things, places, or anything else.

I also humbly invite all of you to share your thoughts and tips with the rest of us through the mailbox, comments and forthcoming articles. If you would like to share with us a note about things to do in your home town, how you like the school you attend, or the nice pair of shoes you just bought or something else, please be in touch and it will be my pleasure to post it here for everybody to enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, and check back often 🙂

Yours truly,

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