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Stay Hydrated!

It’s still summer, and plenty of hot weather left. I was sitting on the sidewalk in the burning Las Vegas sun when I figured I need something to drink. I look around and spot a (just slightly) shady-looking guy selling water bottles for $1, and then one of those places pushing super-size cocktails on people passing by.

I’ve not been such a big fan of the huge Daiquiri or Margarita party drinks you see walking around everywhere on the Strip. Frankly, I’ve never understood how anybody can drink that much without having to navigate from restroom to restroom. Also, I somehow associate them to Daiquiri-loving soccer moms or then to these drunken, rowdy frat boys who put up with the taste of that stuff simply for the ability to transport large amounts of alcohol in a container hanging around their necks 🙂

That said, there is a time, and a place, for a change of mind. And KABOOM!! there she is, with drink and all. She changed the whole game. Just take a look at the pic, her confident looks & smile, and the outfit! SHE makes the drink look good. You can see the drink is cold, it looks delicious, and I bet most people would be happy to try a sip, right? (And note to Fat Tuesday marketing: yes, she’ll look stunning as the star of your next campaign, just give her a call).

Also; a photography observation: Some people say you shouldn’t hold a drink in a photo. Gimme a break, if you are of legal drinking age, what’s the big fuss? It’s much more important that there are (a reasonable amount of) pictures of sober adults drinking responsibly than trying to hide the issue. But; when photographed with a glass, it should always be full, and look untouched (like hers, check the straws).  If you have enjoyed more than one-third, put the glass away, or if the glass looks smudgy, put it away.  Also, hold the glass leisurely by the foot, with one or two hands, and don’t try to hide it behind your back or so. Otherwise you’ll just look like “Aww.. I look so stiff as I don’t like being photographed with this glass”.

But enough of that now, time to head out back in the sun. Please remember to use sunscreen and stay hydrated!!

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