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Gorgeous in Florence!

… what a lady I’m starting a series of Florence photos with!  My god!  Hanging around in Florence is a supreme pastime so I try to do that as much as possible. And you know what happens: you walk down an uninteresting Via dell’ Oriuolo and suddenly you spot a beautiful black bell dress and it gets very interesting. It was hot that day. I was hot and longing for a glass of cold Pellegrino.  But Bina didn’t mind. She managed to look totally gorgeous and composed in her LBDish dress.

IMG_6733The white collar works great and takes the most festive edge off the dress making it good for a daytime stroll, too. Her sandal straps bring a lovely pop of color and I also love the subtle but  deep red tone of her hair and lipstick. All wisely chosen to match the tone of her skin.  All in all very well done!

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