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Black Porsche and impeccable style!

The other day in Rome I was rushing down Lungotevere Marzio late to a dinner meeting at Due Ladroni in Piazza Nicosia. While it is a great seafood restaurant I somehow had gotten the idea to have the beef tartar that evening (remember to order it half size!).  Anyways, I stopped for a brief while to soak in the night view of Castel Sant’Angelo. As I stood there, a black Porsche 911 Cabrio pulled up and parked in an empty spot just a few feet away.

Curious as I am, I followed what happened then, and boy am I happy I did.  Admittedly, a black Porsche will look good on a guy, but multiply that by four and that’s how good it looks accessorizing a nice young lady :). So she stepped out of the car, smiled and was on her way.  Wooah, wait a minute sis, can I have a pic please?  Luckily, in Italy you’ll always get that opportunity so I quickly snapped this.

It’s a great outfit, I think, particularly the way of combining the top-line Prada bag and the black Porsche with a plain blouse, a pair of worn jeans and handicraft accessories. Anything more would easily take it a bit over-the-top or maybe misplaced for a casual dinner with the friends.

Money can’t buy great taste but I do like it when people with money also happen to have great taste. Sometimes it just makes a photographer’s day so much more fun ;).

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