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Razor sharp style!

It was freezing in downtown Toronto. I had been busy running some errands most of the day without very much photo action going on. Also, we were coming out of the winter season so the city, people and outfits were still covered in a grey veil. It wasn’t such a good day for photoshoots…  …until I spotted Linda!

Her purple splash-of-color overcoat caught my attention, together with the green Celine-type bag.  Brave move, I thought. Contrasting colors are not very easy to match. So I ran up to her and bang! was I blown away. I knew this was going to be excellent.

Take a look at the pic below. It is like a photoshopped model would have been digitally placed on a dull city backdrop. In fact, it looks like she is going to step out of the picture any minute.


But no, I have done absolutely no photo post-processing to these photos. Not even adjusted the colors. Her confident smile and features are totally smooth and have absolutely incredible definition.

So while I do love the purple and plain no accessories approach, the outfit really becomes secondary. She could make anything look good rocking them like this!


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