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Cooler than James Dean.

Everything is just so right about this picture. I cannot really grasp how cool she looks. Usually I don’t show cigarettes in my pictures, but it just belongs there, casually in her hand. Like Dean and his 356, I could imagine her jumping out of an old battered Porsche 911 Cabrio (such as Hank Moody’s car in Californication), and then lighting up.

Her military style jacket, the aviators, the satchel bag and the jeans make such a wonderful ensemble.  Note also the absolutely perfect colors of the scarf.  If you want to stay warm, but not look stuffy, choose a plain scarf having almost (not exactly) the same color as your jacket.  Note also the tapered cut of the jacket, and the perfect fit over her shoulders. She’s using an excellent chic trick seen here, too, namely going down one or two jacket sizes for a more feminine fit. Just remember to turn the sleeves high enough for people to understand you did it on purpose, and not because you didn’t know to pick the right size 🙂

Also, sounds funny, but I really like the looks of her hand. It is clearly a feminine woman’s hand, with beautiful definition, and very strong. Like she would have been doing real work, or gymnastics, or maybe some other heavy sports. Looks sexy 🙂

Wonder what they have in those Hermes bags… Photo credits: James Dean, poster pictures. 

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