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Sheer Perfection.

One Saturday afternoon in August I was eating “Pizza prosciutto di Parma e funghi” and having an ice cold Peroni in Via della Croce.  Obviously, I almost choked on the pizza slice seeing this angel glide past. Ok, I jump up and rush to catch her.

She says to her father; “wait a moment, please, she (meaning me) likes my dress so we are going take some photos”. Super!    And then, of course in the country where unconditional appreciation for La Bella Figura reigns, a full photo shoot ensues.    Like in an Italian opera, there is an important part for everyone. The street side restaurant waiters stop serving and instead cheer, onlookers form a circle careful not to block the view, restaurant guests pause their conversations to watch the show. And she, with absolute grace she takes the stage and rules the entire street!

You just cannot do anything but love Italy for their love of style and colors, and their confidence. They are proud, in a nice way, over the way they do things over there.

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