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Phone bling with Ruya!

Yeah! 😉

I’m particularly excited about this post. Partially because every chick needs some phone bling, but mostly because this is a collaboration with super fashionista Ruya of fashiononboard.blogspot.com.  When I met Ruya in Rome she had the cutest iPhone bunny cover (pictured), and I wanted to get some better shots of it. Ruya was a darling and sent me some:


But, then, in addition to the bunny cover, there was a surprise for me!!  As an avid fan of Nintendo (who isn’t… Shigeru Miyamoto, we salute you :)) I got absolutely fired up about Ruya’s Game Boy cover. It’s by far the coolest iPhone cover I’ve seen:

So had to look both up on Amazon, and luckily both are available there for a couple of dollars each. They have them for both iPhone 3 and iPhone 4!!

Also, while I’m at it why not post a couple of other cute covers I’ve spotted:

So great, reminds me of all those childhood mixtapes… 🙂

And a tiger fur..gee.. it actually looks real.    Check out the quirky nails, too.

(Photo credits: Ruya’s photos: http://verisakeetphoto.blogspot.com/)

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