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Helmets and hair, part 2!


This is one of my favourite photos lately. Shot in Rome, on a very busy Saturday afternoon in sweltering heat. Still she manages to look absolutely super. Her outfit is so nicely put together, simple yet very edgy. For a photographer it is always pleasant to shoot subjects wearing only a few nice details that make the photo special. I particularly like the way the gladiator shoes cover the jeans, the fresh nail polish and the matching print on the top and the helmet!

Even more so, I’m of the opinion that safety should always go first and never be compromised because of an outfit or hairdo. I just love this pic for the way it  shows that you can have nice hair even if riding your Vespa and wearing a helmet!

I really don’t know how they do it, but it appears to be quite common in Rome to master the helmet and hair combo :).

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