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Helmets and hair!

You know, I like helmets. Motorcycle or bike helmets, climbing, riding or skiing helmets, all the same, they are cool!  Some people don’t like wearing them. They say they look uncool or mess up their hair or whatnot. That’s absolute rubbish!! Safety first, but a helmet of the right size, type and color will definitely make you look cute, and will make a good impression. Just have a look at the wonderful lady in the picture. Not only do I love her entire outfit, but her hair looks absolutely fab (and so does she!).  And the helmet; wow!!, it is so much a part of her outfit. I was so mesmerized by her that I forgot to ask what her hair & helmet trick is, but I’ll be sure to try and be more composed next time i bump into her 🙂

Also, there are great tricks for keeping your hair under control despite the helmet.  For instance, a low pony tail or a french braid can do the trick. I’ve also heard that some of the Aveda products are particularly popular among my biking friends. That said, If you don’t want to spend the cash on products or worry about the whole thing, then just never mind 🙂 Some helmet hair is just quirky and sweet!

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