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Wonderful coordination!

I spotted Leslie in her absolutely lovely outfit at the Pantheon one nice Sunday afternoon. I must say I was blown away by how chic she looked, and her cute smile. As a big fan of colors (and color coordination in particular) I just had to get a shot of her for a palette post (see similar here and here).

Ok, so the blouse is super. The clear blue base color is very beautiful, and it is deep, yet clear enough to work nicely with the colorful flowers. Note also the yellow-brownish flowers. They make for an excellent bridge to the brown bag. Then my friends, two excellent chic tips from Leslie: 1) if you are color matching top and bottom, be mindful to use the lighter color for the top and the darker for the skirt/pants. Otherwise you’ll end up looking stuffy.  2) if you want to hit a home run, match your shoe color to the color of your pants/skirt (not to the color of your top, bag or belt).

Such a beautiful palette. But that’s not all folks! Better check out Leslie’s excellent arm party, and then get once of those lovely spike bracelets for instance here 🙂


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