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The most beautiful jacket in Paris (and chick :)

I sometimes can get a little shy or intimidated by the looks of a really, really beautiful person I’d like to photograph.  I saw Serena’s absolutely STUNNING jacket from a distance, and decided to go ask for a pic.  But approaching her my heart started racing, omg is she beautiful and cool-looking, I thought.  I must have stumbled a little over the words, but luckily she was a total sweetheart and immediately put me at ease. She mentioned she had bought the jacket somewhere in Spain(?), but I cannot remember the brand unfortunately…

UPDATE: the brand is Sinequanone.  Thanks for all the questions!

Also, note to self: in these days of skinny jeans overflow;  remember that a pair of well-fitting straight leg jeans will look a ton better, particularly if going for a casual cool look. Like Serena’s jeans with the Converses, the jacket and the bag here, oh yes! 🙂

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