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Take a look at me now!!

I so very much love photography, it is such a strong carrier of emotions. Often when looking at  a particular picture it takes me back to the situation, and I can actually recall the feelings I felt taking it.  But not only that, I also go through a sequence of other feelings when looking at the pics… 🙂

I recall that this picture was taken in a hurry. It was a Saturday and Via Condotti was absolutely packed with people. Not a chance to get any solo shots there. Looking at the photograph I suddenly feel the pressure of the moment creeping on me again: take the pic, take the pic! …Phew…  Breathing out I immediately get annoyed about how I could forget to check the dials on my camera, thus overexposing the background!! Aarrgggh… Then, in an instant I forget about that and get mesmerized with her expression and smile. Just take a look at her!  Wow, like she would be screaming “WELL LOOK AT ME NOW!!!”, but so gently and without raising her voice at all.

Moving on I feel so happy for her pink dress, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I spot the red camera – her new camera of which she was so proud.  You can see how she is holding it in the picture.

Continuing to the left and with red hues, I’m not sure what I am intrigued more by, the matching nail polish and red bag, or her extravagant lips…, hard to say 🙂

Simultaneously on the right a leather-jacketed note to our American guys; please, please spend a day in Italy just observing the way clothes should fit on a man. No need to never ever buy those “comfy” and “relaxed” clothes again (no pun intended guys).

Finally I curse the darn trolley bag in the right corner! What a dork I am, how could I mess up the background AND somehow manage to get that ugly trolley in the same picture… gee…  Sigh, just do better next time…

For those more interested in her fab dress than my photo feelings, why don’t check it out here: Asos.com, search for “Textured Pique Skater Dress”.


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