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Spring in Florence!

So spring is slowly arriving in Europe, yea!

I had spent a couple of days of not-so-great weather in Florence when the clouds finally parted and people came out to enjoy the sun. Those are great time for some streetstyle photoshoots. People are in good moods and are sporting outfits they’ve been planning and waiting to wear. As an example, check out the lady in the pic above.

In other circumstances I would have found her ensemble quite hard to pull off. At the time though I just wanted a pic without really being able to put my finger on it. But looking at it now I’m seeing it, and am totally blown away.  The green jacket is a perfect match with the top edge of the stone fence. The color and pattern of the tights couldn’t go better with the old brick wall. The turquoise bag is perfect with the slightly pale blue (as opposed to a dark blue) sky.

A coincidence? Anywhere else in the world I would most likely have said yes. In Florence, or on a Florentine lady, it is most definitely NOT a coincidence 🙂

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