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So great laidback style!

Oh yes Gaja, you rock this style and you look so good in it! 🙂    I’ve always been a big fan of this very cool, laid back and very chic look. What it needs is a tank top, straight leg pants, a pair of converses, a square check shirt thrown on top – and, importantly, a set of funky feminine accessories to differentiate from the tomboy style.  Note also the very low waist pants (absolutely grrreat!) and the matching color of the converses (cream outside, square check inside).

I just love the feisty accessories, and also the tiny bit of roughness of the hands.  Its actually very sexy to have tiny bits of marks of sports or work on your hands, but always a set of well-maintained nails. It gives the perfect balance between being ready to roll up the sleeves, but always maintaining the womanly touch throughout everything you do 😉

Grrrrr..! 🙂

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