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Looking great in Curacao!

Ok so I took a quick blitz down to Curacao for some R&R and for snapping some pics.  I find Curacao to be my favorite among the Caribbean islands – it is small and laid back, reasonably untouched by its still decent amount of tourism, and it has a lively influx of food, vibe  and impressions from nearby Colombia and Venezuela.

However, having sat on the beach for a couple of days curiosity took over and I decided to rent a car and explore the island. I drove into the capital Willemstad to check out things and of course the famous colorful houses.


Arriving a little late in the afternoon I didn’t make it to the lovely handicrafts market so I headed into town. After having a snack by the river I strolled towards Riffort to check out the shops over there. That’s where I bumped into this lovely lady. She was out browsing the shops at the mall this sweltering hot day.

I immediately liked her lovely croco-motif top and the matching leather stripe on the purse. Also, I love how the visuals trick the eye. It was hot so a short skirt was very appropriate that day. The hem is at the exact right height measured from her knees while the high waist and thick fabric makes it look very classy. I need to go find one of those for myself… :).


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