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Her outfit is so cute and edgy :)

Ok, what can I say, I think she’s so cute and this outfit works great for her. I particularly like the skull scarf as it adds a bit of edge to her ensemble.

There are a couple of good lessons in coordination of color shades here too.  When wearing multiple pieces of the same color, it’s best not to wear the exact same shade in different places, and best not to attempt to combine two shades that sit at the opposite ends of the spectrum within the same color (without bridging them).  So instead of trying to match light brown with dark brown, try matching light brown with tan and beige, and dark brown with yellowish tones.

For example, the patches on her jeans work well with the slightly darker shoes.  The bag works great with them as it is slightly darker than both. The olive-brownish leather jacket is just on the edge. You can imagine that it wouldn’t look nearly as good if the jacket was any lighter brown or tan.

I’ve schemed the colors for you in the below picture. Each of the circles pick up one of the colors in the scheme in the upper right corner:

Finally a small trick which you can see well here: the darker the shade of your shoes, the more petite your feet will seem. For the ultimate feet-shrinking maneuver, wear dark unicolor wedges.  It is particularly important that the wedge is dark, and kind of “disappears” like in the picture.


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