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God’s Place on Earth.

I’m more convinced that if God really chose a place for himself on Earth, it must be one of the Polynesian islands.

Never ever have I been met by such breathtaking landscapes, such presence of nature, and such welcoming people. Everywhere I went it was like the island was in full bloom, inhabited by the nicest people, and the most tranquil atmosphere.  And I don’t mean the opulent resorts on Bora Bora, but the small pieces of heaven existing on each of the small islands.  When our local guide welcomed us to his home, showing us his family, the simplest shelter they share as their house, the fruits and animals that thrive just out front, and eventually the place where he was about to build their proper house, I came to realize just how lucky they were despite (or because of) having very little or none of the industrialized culture.  Their house will be sitting on a beautiful lagoon sand beach, with the reef just out front, and nothing but the sunset disappearing in the horizon before reaching to Australia or Japan. I asked him what time it is to know when the sun sets.  Do you see me wearing a watch, he replied with a grin.  “I have a rooster, it tells me when to get up in the morning, and I know to go to bed when it goes silent in the evening”.  That tells it all, doesn’t it…?

Anyways, I will be writing some trip posts with a lot of info on how to get there, what to do, as well as sharing many of the photos requested by you dear readers.  So stay tuned for more! 🙂

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