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Fishtail Braid for a Sporty Look!

It’s always nice to try new hairstyles so thought I’d post a couple of great do’s I’ve spotted.  First up is the fishtail braid. This is a particularly good hairstyle for a sporty and girly look. It actually works much better than an ordinary braid as it doesn’t have that commonplace or mundane flair to it 🙂  However, the best fishtail results are usually achieved if you have slightly thicker hair, of a blonde or light color. It’s also important not to tighten it too much as that loose fit looks effortless and very chic.

While it is of course very beautiful on brunettes, too, you might want to note that the braid kind of “disappears” if there is no contrast to show the braid pattern.  If in the mood, why not experiment with some colors to really give the braid a kick 🙂


For a basic tutorial on making a fishtail, have a look at wikihow here:


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