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A sophisticated look & best jacket of the week

I must say I like this look a lot, it is actually very sophisticated, although not too perfect (which again makes it fun and quirky ūüôā )

Firstly, I think the jacket is wonderful, very clean-cut, good-looking structured material. Looks like a tailored fit, actually.  Then the secret weapon to match with grey: Yellow. As can be seen in this picture, too, yellow works wonders with grey.  Note also the very nice strap, and its correct length.

Moreover, dark blue pantyhose as opposed to the ordinary black, or skin-colored. The dark blue hem sticking out under the grey jacket is intriguing. ¬† She’s wearing brown leather micros, and as we all know, dark blue and brown match very well. ¬†Makes you wonder what kind of outfit she is wearing under the jacket, but based on what you are seeing now you already know it will look good. ¬†The slight imperfection introduced by the black shoes adds a nice touch. ¬†Either she wore them on purpose to avoid looking too color-coordinated, or then, as a student, she cannot carry every color in her closet. Very cute either way.

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