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How to rock your white jeans!

Just had to post these lovely pics; usually I have a hard time making up my mind about white jeans, but this lady pulls them off perfectly. In fact, I think we can take a couple of good fashion cues from her.

White pants can make your legs look a bit stocky so better check what you wear with them. Clearly, it helps if you are fit like she is, but a good trick (as seen here too) is to sport a pair of smooth (not bulky) wedges. The wedges will elongate your legs, and provide good platforms to step on. The reason I find the latter important with white jeans is the way it should look when you walk. White jeans are good for a cool, laid back, even a bit sporty and feminine look.

They look at best when out and about hitting the town, and you should be able to walk in a swift and determined way. If your shoes (or high heels) make you walk slowly or in a very majestic manner it will look like you are worrying about getting your pants dirty.  And that kind of kills the mojo and the flair of the look.

Also, I think she does a wonderful job with the loose shirt. It is an  absolutely super match with the tight jeans. The pale hue is very cute and while the turquoise lines run horizontally the cloth actually falls in heavy vertical lines. Do you see that? So while the shirt is loose (which reinforces snug look of the jeans), it doesn’t look stuffy at all.  Well played sis!

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