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What a Doll!

Some people have such great ability to put together outfits.  Like the lady in these pics, it’s quite a challenge to rock an ensemble like this, but she makes it work like a charm!

The color coding is very well executed and particularly the pattern matching. There is quite a lot going on (the hem, the sleeves, the bow belt, the front ruffles et.c.) but as you can see they are “all from the same family of patterns”, and work together beautifully.

Also, I just love the superbly executed cropping. The beautiful hem of the lady shorts peeking from under the jacket looks great, and ties together the outfit with the boots. And here is also a good note to self; if you have over-the-knee boots, be sure the leave enough leg showing, it will make your legs look looooong :).


  1. kym

    can’t believe how much we can learn from these tips thx :)

  2. Fiona

    How can I find a makeup artist for my wedding?

  3. Belfast

    WOW!!! Nice Post!Kind Regards

  4. Anonymous

    LOVE the makeup.

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