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This is where it all started…

As we prepare for the launch in November, I wanted to share with you where it all started.  Sure, I had been longing for, and planning a site of my own for a while.  I had taken preparations, and had decided that the site would feature interesting but ordinary people I meet randomly. Many times I had been shy, and hadn’t dared to approach people. I had explained to myself that this or that wasn’t ready, or that I wasn’t fluent enough with the camera, or whatever.

But there, at a mall in Las Vegas I was blown away by this girl. I thought her absolutely wonderful dress, the fit, the shoes and bag, the hoops and the golden waistband pulling it all together made the perfect ensemble. I simply just couldn’t afford to miss her. My heart raced when I approached her; would I stumble over my words, over the controls of the camera or crop the picture terribly. You’ll need to understand, you really have only a short moment of time during which you need to catch the subject at her best. You need to do a lot of things simultaneously, but if taking the picture takes too long the subject may start feeling a little self-conscious, and maybe even awkward, and then its game over.

But she was the nicest one could be, and I was so happy. Talking to a wonderful person such as her, how could I mess up.  I followed through, and the picture turned out great, and she looks absolutely awesome in it!

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