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The Hotel Cosmopolitan review – A luxurious hotel on the Strip

Here it is. The great Las Vegas resort.   I visited Cosmopolitan earlier this year, and I just had to write this review.  As opposed to much else in LV, it just is beautiful, and actually very very classy. It would be an excellent place to have a chick convention at 🙂

The Hotel Cosmopolitan opened in December 2010 as a 3000-rooms, 52 floors and 100.000 square foot casino. It is located at the Strip south opposite to the Planet Hollywood Hotel. The Cosmopolitan boasts numerous restaurants, a spa and fitness center, a theater and a selection of shops and restaurants.

Of course there are at least three swimming pools: The Bamboo Pool, The Da Club Pool and The Boulevard Pool with a view to the Strip. There is also a fancy Nightclub named Marquee, but it wasn’t really that hot the night I visited.  However, I can imagine it would be nice if they would re-run for instance the Cosmopolitan opening acts Coldplay and Jay-z.

Welcome! The lobby at the Hotel Cosmopolitan!!

Bling and more bling!
The design and hotel looks so fancy and glittering. The experience is like WOW, when traveling down the escalator to the casino floor.
The view to one of the casino hallways.  Marble-ish floor perfect for high heels!

High-rollers special lounge!!!


And the good-looking employees…! Yes please, pour me a drink!   OMG. We really like the fancy black dresses the employees at The Hotel Cosmopolitan wear. She really looked stunning in here dress with sparkles and nice looking braid. From a distance I first thought that she had one of those Herve Leger dresses, until she said that it is the employee dresses for this specific bar. Cool!   Also, the best part is that there is staff everywhere ready to help you.  No need to idle around wondering when a cocktail waitress will find you, she will!  Note her shoes, too.  Absolutely great!


Looking your best for  a job interview at the Cosmopolitan!
Karina was about to have an interview for a job at the Cosmopolitan. While she must surely have been a little bit nervous she was absolutely adorable, and after a while we were just running around the casino, as she had some time before the interview. She looked very professional in her red shoes, perfectly cut hairdo and black dress.
So this is what you should look like when going for a job interview 🙂
I really really hope she got the job!  Karina would be an excellent addition to the superb staff at the Cosmopolitan.


Hide the cars, a Griswald is coming!


You know all the different movies filmed in Vegas, where they always win a car. Like the “Vegas Vacation” from 1997, where the Griswald son wins a car for each family member! It might just be possible to win one, so just start playing and the luck might be on your side!

Ok.. it’s a nice electro-roadster, but it didn’t keep my attention for too long… Instead I wandered out to the color-changing bar.  Man that looks great!

And yeah, remember that drinks are free while gambling?  It’s actually quite fun sitting at the penny slots playing and being served free drinks.  As opposed to many of the other casinos, Cosmopolitan’s drinks are really tasty.  Even the virgin versions look and taste like a million dollars.

Virgin drinks! Yum! Try the Virgin Daiquiri or the Pina Colada!

And then, my favourite slot machine, the Droid Hunt!  May the force be with you!

Be sure not to miss the go-go dancers, they are dancing in the windows above the color-changing bar!


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