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Shining Personalities!

You know, I just took a moment to reflect on past times. When I started this website, never could I imagine what a journey it would take me on. I’ve travelled to so many places, had such fun, but most of all, had the privilege to meet so many so wonderful and prominent women making advances in all walks of life. I’ve met mothers, students, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, models, journalists, doctors, Ph.D’s, strippers and many more, you name it. The interactions with these wonderful individuals have yet again reminded me that an open mind coupled with determination open all doors! 🙂

Take Samira for example. I was hanging out around Arc de Triomphe in Paris when I spotted a personality shining so bright. One of those people with an absolute aura. She was joking and having fun, and was absolutely fabulous in front of the camera. An infectuous presence, she made made me feel good for the entire day and I had a blast taking these pics.

Well, it all makes sense. Not only is Samira starring in the Emmy-award winning digital series SHANKABOOT, but she is also a TV producer and directror I’m told. Way to go.

Hope you’ll like SHANKABOOT as much as I do. It is a web TV series about the life of young people in Beirut, Lebanon! Check it out friends:


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