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Sasha Fierce x100 – always stay true to yourself :)

I absolutely love this picture. It is one of these reminders to always stay true to oneself and not care so much about conventional wisdom or what others think.

It was another of those greyish days in September, a little chilly with some showers, just after noon that day.  Most people hitting the town had dressed according to weather in quite ordinary and boring overcoats, even some gloves and hats could be seen.  I was wondering where I would find something interesting to shoot when this lady with her companion walked past. They were out sightseeing and I was like – WOW!, there still are people who don’t abandon their own style for comfort or convenience. And looking at her, why should she, she looks composed, very in charge, and she rocks the outfit.

Also note the double bracelet trick.  If you want to wear bracelets on both wrists, do like she did. Go for asymmetry by putting a much wider bracelet on one hand.  It looks much better than the “cuffed” and symmetric look created by wearing similar-in-height bracelets on both wrists.

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