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Rocking the Chic-Punk Style

…is so very hard, but Elisabeth does an excellent job at it.  I’m a big fan of the cute variant of chic punk. You know, looking just a little bit bad ass, but then toning that down by sending a clearly feminine message. I just like those mixed messages 🙂

Here are a few tips for making it work:

– go punk or edgy only in the upper or lower half of the outfit, not both.
– skip the most exaggerated punk accessories (chains, big spikes, and piercings et.c.). Instead go for a stud bracelet, or some funky nail polish, but don’t overdo it.
– rather than wearing all black, make use of colors.
– for the non-punk part of your outfit, wear some cute or “softening” clothes (as Elisabeth is doing here with the plain top and the square check flannel shirt).

Also special kudos to Elisabeth for matching these jeans with grey (not black) boots. Looks soooo good!

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