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Mastering the Tomboy style.

Occasionally even the girliest girl has a Tomboy day.  For those moments it is good to master the Tomboy style, as it is actually a tough one.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up looking like a chubby 13-year-old boy, and that’s maybe not  so hot 🙂

So what are the benefits of the Tomboy look.  Well, first, it takes much less time to get ready than for a girly look, and it is comfy.  Key cornerstones include little or no makeup, leisurely pulled back hair (eg. pony-tail), few accessories and comfortable clothes.  Secondly, it adds variety to your outfits and actually looks quite cool.

The lady in the picture shows us an impressive example of how to rock this style. Note the tapered cut of the pants, the red(!) Converses, the larger girly buttons of the blouse, and the very feminine color of the leather jacket.  As can be seen here, the secret is to keep the right amount of femininity. That is best preserved by ensuring that both pants and top are ladies fitted cuts.  So girls, please leave your boyfriends’ closet alone. 🙂   The clothes should have enough boyish flavor to get the look rolling, but it is the feminine cut and color that make them work.

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