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Beautiful blue!

The other day in Rome I was walking along Via di Campo Marzio just passing the Davide Cenci store when I spotted this lovely lady and her excellent example of monochromatics. I’m such a big fan on monochromatic outfits, but please don’t mistake that for suggesting dull same-colored setups. No, instead the whole thing is to know how to combine not only the shades, but also the patterns and textures, and then add a splash of color.

The lady in the pic carries such an excellent sample of a laid-back, casual but very hip monochromatic outfit.  Shade and texture of the top works so well with the jeans, I love the slightly vintage-looking denim bag she’s carrying, and just have a look at the scarf with this outfit, WOW!

ps. make sure to take your hubby to the Davide Cenci store. With some money spent he’ll leave there looking like James Bond 🙂

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