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Anybody recognize this leather jacket… :)

So I bumped into these two lovely ladies one afternoon in Paris. They had been doing marketing promotion at some event, I guess, and were totally cute together.  I was so happy with the pics and chatted away as I tend to do, so forgot to ask where the girl to the right where she got her absolutely dynamite leather jacket.  I would so want one… Anybody recognize the brand, please?


  1. Trick

    http://www.smilingstyle.com amazes me all the time

  2. Madalene Orona

    Very nice style and design and wonderful subject material, nothing else we want :D.

    • Anthony

      Your outfits are so cute! You have such cute style! Quick question: what size would you recommend on the blue Missoni zig zag dress for someone who is usually a small on top and a med on the bottom? Would you say it is comfortable all around? Thanks!

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